Nicole M. Doan

Nicole Doan is a New York-based marketing director and designer whose work primarily focuses on the application of humor, play, and color in architecture. She is currently the marketing director at Studio ST Architects.

In addition to architecture, Nicole engages in writing, drawing, building furniture, film photography, and zine-making. She aspires to explore different ways in which architecture tools and methods can be applied to everyday objects and experiences.

Publications & Writing:
“The Taste of Labor and Love” Lunchbox Moments (June 2021)
“Return to Work: Face to Face” (June 2020)
Wasteland (June 2019)
Paprika! Volume 04, Issues  8-17 (November 2018-April 2019)
“Quick Trips Through the Multiverse” Yale Paprika! (April 2019)
Not Your Average Seat (December 2018) 
Retrospecta 41 (August 2018)
“Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” Yale Paprika! (August 2018) 
“Sue Me, I’m an Architect” Yale Paprika! (February 2018)
My Los Angeles (June 2017) 
“All Hail the Strip Mall” Burrasca Issue No. 3 (November 2015)
“Cal Poly Pomona Architecture Students Notch Landmark Victory” (July 2015)